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More Info on our amazing products

Resin Doming

How we can guarantee our products for 3 years

We use the highest grade resin on our name badges to give a clear glass dome look on top of your badges.  

Unlike cheaper resins, this will never discolour, crack or fade and we guarantee it for 3 years.   


How do we get such a great quality print?

We have several printers we can print to depending on the product.   Our printers all print in high quality 1200dpi for a clean, crisp finish even on the smallest text or image.  

We can print to any size, shape and colour backing combined with our laser cutter.  


Magnetic Fittings

Why they are strong enough!


We purchase our fittings from an Australian Company and have done so for over 15 years.  Although we have tried other styles, we have found these to be the strongest on the market. 

Using a 3m Self Adhesive strip on the back bonds your fitting to your badge with ease.  


Door Signs


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