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Artwork Specs


The Better the Quality, the Better the Print

Preferred format


Or high quality...


Or we can try...

We use Corel Draw to create our artwork and can often import files from ADOBE Illustrator and InDesign, however we can have some trouble with importing differently.  We can only try!  


It goes without saying, but the better quality logo you can provide, the better the print will be and the nicer the badge will turn out.  

Our preferred format is PDF or EPS that has the image vectorized.  This means it not only will be the best print, we can make changes to the image.  We can change the colours which is really important.  90% of time the colours look fine, but with that 10% it may just need to be slightly darker or lighter to make your logo look like it should on the badge.


If you don't have access to a PDF or EPS a JPEG, PNG or any other file should be okay as long as it's 300dpi or above.  If you have any doubts, please send what you have and we'll talk to you about it and can even do a test to ensure it's prints okay.  Our goal is a perfect badge for you and your team, so we want the best quality we can get for you.    

What details can you have on your badge?

In short, as much or as little as you like.  If it fits we'll make it! 

You can have as much text, titles, logos, design and the price does not change.  If we can make it work, we will.  Just remember you have pretty limited space and the aim is for your customers to see your name!  

Name Badge Sizes

As we custom cut our badges you can have any size or shape. 

Our standard size is 75mm x 25mm and is across the industry.  Some other popular sizes are 80mm x 30mm, 60mm x 20mm or somewhere in between.   Depending on your logo, if you wanted something long and thin, the 75mm x 20mm is a nice option.   Or if you wanted a wider badge with logo on top and name details below, 70mm x 30mm is a good option. 

Our design team is happy to recommend a size or if you have a preference please let us know.  

Some example sizes to create a different look. 


Setting up your own artwork

If you prefer to send across your own artwork, PDF is preferred and all in the same document (not individual badges).  Often our clients will send a PDF with each badge one one page show below which works perfectly. 


Setting up Multiple Badges

There are a couple of ways to send multiple files.  Firstly, all in one document is preferred.  You can send it in the one page or multiple pages as shown in the examples below.  We'd prefer one page (it's just easier to download once), but if you already have it as multiple pages we'll sort it for you! 

Crop Lines

We DO NOT require crop lines on your artwork.  

Our preference is a 1mm bleed around the whole badge.  So if the badge is 75mm x 25mm, then the total image size is 77mm x 27mm.  

Can be set up as show below if you have a bleed or just a rectangle.  

We will import your file and place it into our template and then remove the rectangle before printing.  

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